Photo History Links

Below, you’ll find a lengthy list of photography history related links, loosely categorized.

General History (not necessarily photo history) Sites:


General Photography History Sites:

Camera Obscura Sites:

  • Camera Obscura – In the dark about the camera obscura? Get exposed to its nuances here
  • Abeldaro Morell – A contemporary photographer who uses the camera obscura
  • Vermeer’s Camera – An interesting support site for a book of the same name; see how the artist who painted “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” used the camera to help him draw
  • Optical Allusions – An article about artist David Hockney’s claims regarding optical devices in early paintings
  • The Looking Glass – Another article (this one from the New Yorker) about Hockney’s research into optical drawing methods
  • How Caravaggio saw in the Dark – An article about how Caravaggio may have used the Camera Obscura

Niepce, Daguerre & Fox Talbot Sites:

Daguerreotype Sites:

Wet-Plate Negative, Albumen Print and Platinum Print Sites:

Muybridge Sites:

Women in Photography Sites:

20th & 21st Century Photographers:

Photography Blogs, Online Magazines and other “news” resources:

  • Arts Journal – “A Daily Journal of Arts, Culture and Ideas” GREAT stuff
  • Zone Zero – Pedro Meyer’s important, interesting and useful site
  • Nearby Cafe – A.D. Coleman’s great site of images and photo criticism
  • Photo Review – The website for one of the most important critical photo journals in the US
  • ArtInfo – They bill themselves as “The Premier Art & Culture Site”and I won’t argue
  • Lens Culture – An excellent, cerebral photo blog
  • Shpilman Institute of Photography Blog – The SIP is a research institute that aspires to facilitate, promote, initiate research, open debate and creative work in the field of photography and related media
  • Conscientious – a weblog about fine-art photography (and more)
  • PDN Online – Photo District News’ web presence
  • New York Times Arts section – Arts news from the NYT
  • The Online Photographer – Mike Johnston’s excellent photography blog
  • f-Stop – A fine online photo mag
  • The Candid Frame – Podcast interviews with photographers; great stuff
  • Marketing Photos with Mary Virginia Swanson – MV Swanson’s excellent blog about the business of photography and important current photo events
  • Bill Jay on Photography – One of the great photo writers of our time on the web. Great portraits of photographers, too.
  • Center – Formerly the Santa Fe Center for Photography; a great source for information about current photo events
  • SF CameraWork – A San Francisco non-profit photo organization
  • Area of Design – A very cool website about all aspects of the visual arts. Check out their blog, too.
  • Ahorn Magazine – An online photo magazine

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